Welcome to your salary sacrifice car scheme

Athlon SalaryExchange offers all qualifying employees a simple, more affordable and stress free way to drive a brand new vehicle and help reduce your business's carbon emissions.

What is a salary sacrifice car scheme?

A salary sacrifice car scheme is an arrangement that allows you to give up a portion of your pre-tax salary in return for a comprehensively insured, fully maintained vehicle.

A sacrifice worth making

Obtaining a vehicle through a salary sacrifice scheme can save you on average 20% to 30% compared to purchasing or leasing a vehicle privately. Keep scrolling for Alex's new car casestudy.

Benefits for you

  • No-fuss motoring with all-inclusive road tax, car insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and repair.
  • Access to an extensive choice of vehicle makes and models including electric vehicles
  • An affordable opportunity to become an early adopter of desirable and sustainable EV models
  • Athlon fleet experts are here to support your decision-making throughout

Support from our fleet experts

Athlon offers unlimited, personalised quotes based on your car choice and mileage to ensure you find the perfect vehicle for you. Athlon's expert team is also on hand to support you throughout the term of your lease.

Case study

Alex's new car

Alex earns £30,000 per year and travels an average of 8,000 personal miles a year. Her business mileage is reimbursed separately at the agreed rate. Her choice of car is an electric Vauxhall Corsa-e on a 36-month contract. 

Alex’s monthly breakdown

Pays Saves
Salary sacrifice payment
(pre-tax and no VAT paid)
£428.98 -
Savings on Income Tax + NI - £211.06
Benefit in kind tax £9.75 -
TOTAL £227.67 -

The cost to Alex’s employer is zero

Micheal Green
Athlon Account Manager

For support or help with any questions, contact Athlon's expert team:

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