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Here is some helpful information to read through before you start to find your new car:

  • Gross salary When you first log in, you will be asked for your gross salary. Please only enter your contracted gross salary, excluding overtime and bonus payments.
  • Your initial quote will show the net cost to you after savings. A full, detailed breakdown is also available.
  • Net cost includes the salary sacrifice, income tax, national insurance and pension savings, and the ‘Benefit in Kind’ tax you will pay.
  • Business mileage reimbursement you will purchase all fuel for the car and you will be paid a business mileage allowance on submission of a mileage return. The estimated monthly reimbursement is based on your assessment of your business mileage and included in the quote. The tax free fuel element is based on the HMRC advisory fuel rates.
  • Pension contributions will not be affected by participating in the scheme.
  • All quotes are valid for 14 days but may be subject to change to reflect any variations in supply costs, interest rates or government grants and legislation.