Whats Included

Fixed monthly payments with no desposit

There is nothing to pay when you order the car, you will not pay a deposit or arrangement fee. When the car is delivered your employer will set up your salary deductions to match the gross monthly sacrifice as per the quote.

No credit check

Because your employer is leasing the car and hiring the car to you under the scheme, you will not undergo any credit checks. In addition the amount you sacrifice for the car, will not be considered if you apply for credit or mortgage.

Corporate Discount

Under the scheme, you will benefit from corporate discounts that are not available in the retail sector.

Accident Management

We will deal with all accidents or damaged windscreen to reduce the time your car is off the road. A courtesy car will also be provided if available.

Servicing and maintenance

All routine servicing and maintenance is included. You will only pay for damage or repairs that are not caused through fair wear and tear.

Salary Sacrifice

You will benefit from income tax, NIC and in some cases pension savings because you have temporarily exchanged part of your salary for a car.

Driver Support

You are not alone; our fully trained advisors are on hand to personally deal with all of your concerns whether it is the car or your contract.

Unlimited quotes

There are no restrictions because we want to ensure you get the best car that suits your needs. Our easy to use portal allows you to obtain quotes on any car available on the scheme, you can amend the mileage and add extras etc.

Online application and approval process

When you are ready to place an order you can complete the application form online. Have your driving licence ready.

Fixed monthly payments

Fixed monthly payments the payments for the car are fixed for the period on the contract.

Tyre replacement

All tyre replacement and repairs are included in the sacrificed rental. There will be no additional charges unless any damage is deliberate or as a result of misuse.

Progress for delivery

When we order your car we will provide an estimated delivery date. We will monitor the progress every week and update your personal home page for you to review. We will also send a regular email with updates.

Comprehensive insurance for named drivers

The price includes fully comprehensive cover for your business and private use. You can add additional drivers to the policy in accordance with your companies policy.

Full breakdown and recovery services

If you breakdown on the road or at home you are covered by the AA or similar.

Road fund licence

We will automatically renew the licence each year and advise you when the MOT is due.